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Circular Industrial Economy Training

Get certified in the Circular Economy

  • Starts Feb 28
  • 4,390 euros
  • Neunkirchner Straße 24

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Service Description

At the end of my training program, you will receive a high-level certification by Austrian Standards International, a renowned Austrian member of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and the international organization for standardization (ISO). Here's what we'll explore in this dynamic training: Introduction to Sustainability and its History: Trace the evolution of sustainability and understand its pivotal role in shaping modern industrial practices. Linear Economic System Theory: Delve into the limitations of linear economic models and their environmental implications. Environmental Consequences of Linear Resource Flows: Explore the detrimental effects of linear resource consumption on our planet's health. The Role of Waste Management in the Circular Industrial Economy: Learn how effective waste management practices are essential for fostering circularity within industries. The Great Acceleration and Planetary Boundaries: Understand the urgency of addressing planetary boundaries and the acceleration of environmental degradation. Basic Principles of the Circular Economy: Discover the fundamental principles driving circularity and resource efficiency. Action Plans, Directives, and Regulations: Gain insights into international and local directives and regulations shaping the circular economy landscape. Circular Resource Flows in Technical and Biological Cycles: Learn to optimize resource flows within both technical and biological cycles to minimize waste and maximize efficiency. Strategic Importance of Circular Design & LCA: Explore the strategic significance of circular design principles and life cycle assessment (LCA) methodologies. Circular Business Models (CBMs): Uncover innovative business models that prioritize sustainability and circularity. Supply Loop Operations: Dive into supply chain operations optimized for circularity and sustainability. Industry 4.0. Technologies and the Circular Economy: Explore how emerging technologies are revolutionizing industrial processes to align with circular economy principles. The Circular Bio-Economy: Discover the potential of the circular bio-economy in harnessing biological resources sustainably. Biomimetics and Bionomics: Learn from nature's design principles and ecosystem dynamics to inspire sustainable innovation.

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For cancellations and rescheduling, please provide notification 48 hours in advance.

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  • Neunkirchner Straße 24, Wiener Neustadt, Österreich


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