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Hello there!

My name is Raphael and I am a internationally certified Circular Economy Specialist, Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Investor, and Educator with nearly a decade of experience in the Sustainability sector.


I began my career as a Waste Management Consultant, advising various entities on waste management, reverse logistics and environmental protection.

I then founded my own company, assisting clients globally in the transition to a circular economy.

As a corporate Environmental and Waste Consultant I

  • ensured environmentally sound company operations.

  • fulfilled consulting and information duties on waste management-related matters.

  • acted as a liaison for customers, suppliers, and internal departments on quality and environmental issues.

  • ensured compliance with legal environmental requirements and advised management.

  • improved the company’s quality and environmental management system.

  • prevented waste generation, emissions, radioactive radiation, and chemical substances.

  • maintained standards for wastewater and waste treatment.

  • interacted with authorities and environmental initiatives, developing remediation plans for contaminated sites.

I then started RS Circular Economy Consulting where I

  • expanded my expertise with a three-part high-mastery certification from the Circular Economy Research Center, Circular Economy Alliance, and École de Ponts in Paris.

  • became a certified Circular Economy Specialist, working with clients worldwide to redesign products, processes, and business models for sustainability.

  • helped clients develop circular economy strategies, implement closed-loop systems, and adopt circular business models and supply chains.

Moreover, I 

  • hold the position of Chief Circular Economist in the AGR Project, the largest nature-based climate solution globally.

  • serve as a Senator in the esteemed Senate of Economy Austria,

  • serve as Ambassador, and Board Member at the European Technology Chamber.

  • am a partner of the Circular Economy Forum Austria and the African Circular Economy Network (ACEN).

  • am a member of the Global Sustainable Futures network (GSFN)

  • am an Ambassador for SPSC Ambassador - Sustainability Promoters & Sustainability Collaborators. 

I am a recognized specialist in circular economic value creation, and was invited to speak at conferences, events, and webinars from high-level institutions, such as the European Technology Chamber and the Senate of Economy.

I am known for combining practical experience in reverse logistics and waste management with certified knowledge in the Circular Economy and Industry 4.0.


Certified Circular Economy Specialist

Circular Economy Alliance in cooperation with the Circular Economy Research Center CERC and the École des Ponts Business School, Paris

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