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Al Karaki

Introducing AGR - Africa's Growing Revolution: One of the largest and most

Sustainable Nature Based Climate Action Solutions in the world.

Innovative Climate Action Solution Wins Gold at SDG Awards for Nature-Based Approach

4iAfrica, an innovation driven solutions provider which pivoted from the renewable energy

sector to focus on developing Climate Change Solutions took the top spot for

SDG#15 - Life On Land at last week’s prestigious SDG Awards by EUTech.

4iAfrica's winning application is one of the largest and most sustainable NBS - Nature

Based Climate Action Solutions in the world which has the proven capability of removing

gigatons of CO2 while addressing the key issues of food insecurity, land/soil transformation,

health, poverty and unemployment all at the same time!

4iAfrica’s CEO and Founder, Al Karaki, said, “While 4iAfrica leverages and innovates

technology to provide most of its solutions, research indicated that in the case of climate

change, there were essentially two options: Climate Technology and Nature Based Solutions. The ClimateTech sector is relatively new as a response to large scale intervention of keeping to the 1.5 degree pathway whereas NBS has been keeping global warming and CO2 emissions under control for centuries.

The clock was ticking fast – we had to make the decision of which pathway to choose and based on what we knew and the research, 4iAfrica threw its efforts behind NBS. ClimateTech while still in the nascent stages, will be a welcome partner in the Fight Against Climate Change and in the near future you will see a strong hybrid alliance between Nature and Tech.”


AGR consists of three pillars:

1. Aquaponics4Africa – provision of basic hydroponic equipment and training to schools and communities;

2. Vertical Food Farms – the super-sized version of Aquaponics which leverages indoor space such as warehouses to grow 100x more food than traditional farming while using less than 10% of the water that standard farming requires;

3. Seeds of Change – the mass planting of specially selected plant species which have high carbon sequestering properties and can also be transformed into nutrient dense protein rich food, medicine and hundreds of eco-friendly products.

Thus far, the crop selection consists of:

  • Halophytes are plants that grow in brackish sea water which could play a key role in restoring land and communities in the Sahel area.

  • Bamboo, with the help of science in developing special strains and

  • Industrial Hemp (not marijuana). An online search on industrial hemp has surprised many researchers as it sequesters more CO2 than the majority of plants, including trees, takes a mere 120 days from seed to harvest, grows in harsher conditions and has the versatility to produce a wide range of healthy and environmentally friendly products which include:

  • highly nutritious protein dense food

  • affordable medicine

  • organic fertilizer

  • net zero building materials and non-chemical insulation

  • bioenergy and bioplastic for the aviation and automobile sectors who are the major sectors using these by-products

By leveraging our entire supply chain we can combat poverty and unemployment by providing millions of job opportunities where they are needed the most.


Goal 15 is about conserving life on land. It focuses on protecting, restoring and promoting sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably managing forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halting biodiversity loss. Our innovation solution positively impacts Climate Change Action, partnerships and most in not all of the other SDG goals.

Due to the scale and magnitude of AGR, we formally invite any and all countries, institutions, civil society, communities and people to collaborate and partner together with us to ensure that together we innovate from a multi challenged world to prosperity and opportunities for all.

AGR – the Plan B that the World has been waiting for..

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Introducing one of the largest and most sustainable NBS – Nature Based Climate Action Solutions in the World


"Everything, everywhere all at once" were the words from UN Secretary-General António Guterres in describing the urgency of what has to be done in the Fight Against Climate Change and together with the WORLD’S most authoritative body on climate change, the IPCC Science group, issued its final warning: aim higher, act faster, or risk losing it all.

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing our planet today. As the world continues to warm, we're seeing devastating impacts on the environment, economies, and communities around the globe - finding sustainable solutions to mitigate its effects has become more urgent than ever. Governments, business, institutions, media, investors and people have a critical role to play in helping the world move towards meeting the 1.5 pathway targets as outlined by the IPCC/Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

The key IPCC recommendations for 2030 are to:

• reduce fossil fuel use and subsidies,
• transition and scale to renewable energy and alternative clean energy sources including hydrogen,

• implement large scale CDR Carbon Removal (Removal is the priority, mitigation closely follows).


There is growing consensus that meeting these established targets firstly requires CDR which defines two options:

1. nature-based solutions such as reducing destruction of forests and other ecosystems; restoring them; improving management of working lands such farms.

2. technological alternatives like enhanced weathering, bioenergy with carbon capture & storage or direct air capture & storage.

Of note here is that nature based solutions stand out more cost-effectively viable in short to medium term while some technological alternatives may become more relevant towards the end of the century.

But what if there was an effective solution that could remove billions of tons of CO2 from the atmosphere, but also be environmentally friendly and economically viable?

As top ranked innovators in the renewable energy sector, 4iAfrica was challenged to pivot our successful innovation skills towards a Climate Change Solution and we're proud to share that we've developed and launched AGR - Africa's Growing Revolution – one of the largest and most sustainable Nature Based Climate Change Solutions in the World.

At AGR, our goal is to develop an innovative but comprehensive solution that addresses the climate crisis, food scarcity, deteriorating agricultural productivity, soil and land degradation, poverty and unemployment all at the same time!

We are focused on creating a sustainable system of regenerative agriculture that not only removes billions of tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere but also restores millions of acres of damaged land while providing positive benefits to people and planet.

Our approach combines four main deliverables:

• proven effective removal of massive amounts (billions not millions) of CO2 from the atmosphere,


• restoring millions of acres of chemically decimated land through sustainable farming practices including rebuilding topsoil, accelerated use of organic fertilizer, promoting biodiversity, and the production of nutrient-dense food;

• provide a multitude of beneficial products and solutions for people and the planet including high nutrient food, organic fertilisers, net zero building materials, bio energy/bio plastic , affordable medicine and much more

• address poverty with the provision of millions of jobs and economic opportunities where they are needed the most.


To achieve these goals we will start immediately by the mass planting of specific high carbon sequestrating plants such as:

• Specialized Halophytes - plant species that grow in brackish sea water which are an exciting new development within the sustainability sector;

• Special hardwood bamboo - these plants have the potential to drastically reduce our reliance on cutting down trees for wood and other resources;

• Additionally, there are numerous other species and processes currently under research and investigation for their use as sustainable and versatile materials including Industrial Hemp (not marijuana) which has been found to sequester carbon dioxide 2-4 times faster than traditional trees with a seed-to- harvest timeframe of only 120 days and ocean-based sea products – algae, seaweed, shrimp and others.

A key part of our project sustainability is to alleviate poverty and unemployment on a large scale by providing millions of jobs from every aspect of the supply chain process from growing, harvesting, processing, manufacture and distribution of these vast amounts of crops that we have grown and convert into thousands of eco-friendly and useful products for the global markets.


Some of these products include:

• high protein food with Omega 3 and 6,
• affordable medicine currently in high demand from sufferers of cancer, HIV, arthritis and more than 50 other common
• eco-friendly and affordable building materials including insulation, which sequestrates carbon during their lifetime of use
• bio energy which can lead to cost effective generation of green hydrogen
• bio plastic, replacement for all single use plastic and over 50% of auto makers also use this bio plastic for their auto bodies
• unlimited amounts of organic fertiliser
• bio char
• paper and textile products
• bio degradable baby diapers, sanitary pads and ppe equipment


All of these products will assist the World to move towards a more sustainable future while providing easy access in order that everyone can benefit from them regardless of location or economic status.

Additionally, this truly sustainable ecosystem helps build resilience against future climate change events while increasing agricultural yields and improving food nutrition levels.

In conclusion, AGR – Africa’s Growing Revolution provides a bold and innovative solution that can help tackle the Climate Crisis, food scarcity, land degradation and poverty issues by combining multiple strategies and operations into one holistic package designed specifically for African conditions allowing us to take immediate action now towards achieving our longer term objectives quickly and effici ently - we just need your support make it happen!

AGR - The Plan B that the world has been waiting for!

4iAfrica - Insight | Innovation | Implementation | Impact Africa’s Innovation Driven Solutions Provider

Al Karaki, Founder and CEO
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