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​Shared Green Deal Arena

On 3 separate dates, together with over 100 high-level participants, I took part in discussions of the Shared Green Deal arena series. With the help of an X-Curve analysis model, we discussed the state of the transition to a fair & sustainable Europe across six strategic priorities which contribute to the climate action and zero pollution ambitions of the EU Green Deal.


These strategic priorities include:

Clean energy, Circular Economy, efficient renovations, sustainable mobility, sustainable food, preserving biodiversity, climate action and zero pollution.

Moreover, I assisted in the mapping of future images and the creation of comprehensive transition pathways to implement a European Circular Industrial Economy.

Lastly, with a back-casting approach, I helped built timelines for implementation strategies and analyzed possible trade-offs and co-benefits between 3 different streams of the EU Green Deal. This complexity analysis included the implications of feedback loops between energy and food production and consumption systems within the principles of the circular economy and circular value creation.

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