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It's time to go circular.


Elevate your business with a circular approach and learn how to create a more sustainable and profitable future.

What I am offering

Trainings & Workshops

Learn everything you need to know about the Circular Industrial Economy through high-level trainings and workshops

Circular Resource Mapping

Map your business ecosystem to identify and transform your linear processes into circular value loops

Strategy Planning

Reduce your emissions & costs through circular resource strategies in technical and biological cycles


Raphael Schranz is a circular economy expert, DLT Investor and Educator, with years of practical experience in the sustainability sector. He started his career as a Waste Consultant, where he worked with all stakeholders to optimize their waste management processes and reduce their environmental footprint. During this time, he developed a strong understanding of waste characterization, waste segregation, recycling, and waste-to-energy technologies.

With a growing interest in sustainability and a desire to contribute to a global circular economy, Raphael expanded his expertise to include principles of circular value creation. He became a certified Circular Economy Expert and has worked with clients to redesign their products, processes, and business models to be more sustainable and efficient.

Raphael took part in modelling the transition to a fair & sustainable Europe and a European Green Deal in the Shared Green Deal Arena Series, hosted by the Dutch Research Institute for Transition (DRIFT), funded by the European Union.

Together with over 100 high-level participants and
with the help of an X-Curve analysis model, they discussed the state of the transition to a fair & sustainable Europe across six strategic priorities which contribute to the climate action and zero pollution ambitions of the EU Green Deal. These strategic priorities include Clean Energy, Circular Economy, Efficient Renovations, Sustainable Mobility, Sustainable Food, Preserving Biodiversity, Climate Action and Zero Pollution.

Moreover, Raphael assisted in the mapping of future images and the creation of comprehensive transition pathways to implement a European Circular Industrial Economy.

Lastly, with a back-casting approach, he helped built timelines for implementation strategies and analyzed possible trade-offs and co-benefits between 3 different priorities of the EU Green Deal. This complexity analysis included the implications of feedback loops between energy and food production and consumption systems within the principles of the circular economy and circular value creation.


Hosted by the European Economic and Social Commitee (EESC) and the European Network for Community-led initiatives on Climate Change and Sustainability (ECOLISE), Raphael worked on the co-creation of strategic parameters to strengthen the role of local communities in the European Union. He supported the strengthening of the role of permaculture initiatives, transition networks and ecovillages to achieve a bottom-up approach for the sustainable transition through decentralized community-based actions. These grassroots movements are vital to the Green Deal and the fair and just transition the that the global civilization wants to achieve.

Raphael has helped to form a holistic and systemic approach that is needed to tackle planetary crisis, caused by our extractive and destructive economic system, such as biodiversity loss and pollution. To recognize that everything is connected and that humans are a part of nature and not separate from it, is essential to enable regeneration in the natural world and in social, economic, and political systems.

Lastly, he shifted the focus on current underlying problems such as political apathy or distrust on the side of community-led initiatives which could lead to the creation of major roadblocks in the implementation the European Green Deal. He noted that trust between policy makers and communities in democratic processes needs to be re-established, also with the help of adequate decentralized funding pools.

Raphael's practical experience in waste management and circular economy has made him a sought-after consultant in the industry. He is a recognized expert in the field and has been invited to speak at conferences, events, and webinars worldwide.

Overall, Raphael Schranz is a dedicated professional with a passion for creating a more sustainable future. His years of practical experience in waste management and circular economy make him a valuable asset to any organization looking to transition towards a circular economy and a more sustainable future.

Raphael helped them develop circular economy strategies for technical and biological cycles, implement closed-loop systems, and adopt circular business models that maximize value and minimize waste.

He is an Advocate for the European Technology Chamber and an Ambassador to SPSC Ambassador - Sustainability Promoters & Sustainability Collaborators.

What customers say

"Leveraging a top-notch seasoned Circular Economy Expert like Raphael is really another level."

Almaw Molla, Coffee Resurrect Inc.

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