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It's time to go circular.


Elevate your business with a circular approach and learn how to create a more sustainable and profitable future.

What I am offering

Trainings & Workshops

Learn everything you need to know about the Circular Industrial Economy through high-level trainings and workshops

Circular Resource Mapping

Map your business ecosystem to identify and transform your linear processes into circular value loops

Strategy Planning

Reduce your emissions & costs through circular resource strategies in technical and biological cycles


Raphael Schranz is a Circular Economy Specialist, Blockchain Investor and Educator with

almost a decade of practical experience in the sustainability sector. He started his career

as a Waste Management Consultant, where he provided advice to communities,

households, businesses, educational institutions, and organizations on waste

management (collection, prevention, disposal) and environmental protection. After that

he founded his own company, where he is working with clients all around the world to

help them transition to a global Circular Industrial Economy.

As corporate Environmental and Waste consultant, he ensured the environmentally

sound operation of the company. His activities mainly focused on the areas of

production, manufacturing, and waste transportation. He fulfilled consulting and

information obligations regarding all waste management-related matters concerning all

operations. He served as point of contact for customers,suppliers, and internal departments

on all matters related to quality and the environment.

He ensured compliance with legal requirements and advised management on environmental protection and environmental management. Additionally, he contributed to the improvement of the company's own quality and environmental management system. In his role, he was responsible for preventing factors such as waste generation, emissions, radioactive radiation, or chemical substances. Raphael checked and measured whether the permissible limits are met. Furthermore, he ensured the maintenance of standards for environmentally sound wastewater and waste treatment. Outside the company, he acted as an intermediary with authorities and environmental protection initiatives, where he also participated in the development of remediation plans for contaminated water bodies and soils.

With a growing interest in Circularity, Sustainability, and a desire to contribute to a global Circular Economy, Raphael expanded his expertise with a three-part high-mastery certification by the Circular Economy Research Center, the Circular Economy Alliance and the École de Ponts in Paris to include principles of circular value creation into his expertise. He became a certified Circular Economy Specialist and has worked with clients in Europe, Asia, USA and Africa to redesign their products, processes, and business models to be more sustainable, circular, and efficient. Raphael, through his 3-part CE-Service offering, helped them develop circular economy strategies for technical and biological cycles, implement closed-loop systems, and adopt circular business models that maximize value and minimize waste, emissions, and pollution.

Raphael is a member of the Circular Economy Forum Austria. He is an Advocate and Speaker for the European Technology Chamber where he gave multiple speeches about innovative systemic solutions to global problems, such as the implementation of circular tokenized business models in the mobility sector and IoT/AI based reverse logistics operations for the waste management sector. Also, Raphael Schranz is a Member of the Board of Directors at the Finance Alliance of the EU Technology Chamber.He is and an Ambassador to SPSC Ambassador - Sustainability Promoters & Sustainability Collaborators with the intent to increase partnerships worldwide and exchange best practices and risks in practical contexts of the Circular Industrial Economy
In general, he gave participants in webinars worldwide insights into practical use cases of technologies, such as IoT, AI, Blockchain and Robotics, in the Circular Industrial Economy.

In a project, Återbygget Ekonomisk Förening, a Swedish company specializing in circular solutions, partnered with Raphael Schranz to transform the Swedish construction industry. They have developed innovative approaches to minimize waste, conserve resources, and maximize economic benefits. Key features include the introduction of circular technical loops and the creation of a digital secondary raw materials market.

In a project aimed at establishing a circular bioeconomy in Ethiopia, Coffee Resurrect worked in partnership with Raphael Schranz on the reuse of coffee grounds instead of treating them as waste. This project emphasizes the importance of industrial symbiosis in the circular bioeconomy and demonstrates how used coffee grounds can be transformed into valuable products. Raphael Schranz provided training and consulting services to assist Coffee Resurrect in achieving sustainable and economic success.

Raphael's practical experience in waste management and the circular economy has made him a sought-after consultant in the industry. He is a recognized expert in this field and has been invited to conferences, events, and webinars worldwide. Overall, Raphael Schranz is a dedicated professional with a passion for creating a more sustainable future. His practical experience in waste management and the circular economy makes him an asset to any organization looking to embark on the path towards a circular economy and a more sustainable future.


What customers say

"Leveraging a top-notch seasoned Circular Economy Expert like Raphael is really another level."

- Almaw Molla, Coffee Resurrect Inc.

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